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Our Company

Being the leading information contents provider in China, Wanfang Data has been a task force of the Institute of Scientific & Technological Information of China (ISTIC), the Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology, since 1950s. It focuses on digital resources, such as journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, patents, standards, Chinese companies, etc, providing information on Chinese studies (arts/humanities/social sciences), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Chinese Business, Law, Government, Science, and Technology.

Branches have been set up all around China, e.g. Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Wuahan, Xi An and Hong Kong, etc. With a North America-based office and local web Servers, Wanfang Data offers quality customer support and reliable internet access.

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Our Customers

Large domestic organizational customers include scientific research institutions, libraries, public institutions and medical institutions. Small-and-medium sized organizations and individuals users are also involved. And there are also many institutional and individual users around the world. They are served by several modes:

  • Local mirror sites
  • On-line services.
  • CD-ROMs

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What We Provide

A wide range of Chinese information, from Chinese studies, medical/scientific research to business information, etc.

Databases of Journals, dissertations, academic conference proceedings, laws, Chinese companies and their products, Chinese national standards, Chinese patents, national scientific awards/achievements, Chinese science citation index, Who's who in science and technology in China, etc, all in PDF and HTML.

Information relating to Chinese history, society, religions, family planning, Chinese legislation and jurisdiction, industrial innovation/technological improvement, business opportunities, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), industry intelligence (pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automobile, metallurgy, finance/banking, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, etc), Chinese food/cuisine, and so on.

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Why Select Us

  • Leader in supplying China information resources; over 10 years in this business; databases as our focus and passion.
  • Strict quality control, under the standards of ISO9001-2000.
  • As an authentic affiliate of the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST); established good cooperation relationships with information institutions and publishers around China.
  • Close partnership with several Chinese ministries, National Library of China, CALIS (China Academic Library Information System), and a number of prestigious publishers in China.
  • User groups of hundreds of institutions and companies.
  • Advanced technologies in information and database processing.
  • Superior customer support.
  • Continuous motive to improve and develop ourselves.

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Contact Us

Address: 15 Fuxing Road, Suite 243
  Haidian District, Beijing 100038
  P. R. China
Email: overseas(at)wanfangdata.com
Phone: 86-10-58882628 / 1-416-900-8266
English Website: www.wanfangdata.com
Chinese Website: www.wanfangdata.com.cn

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