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Navigating the Site


Wanfang Data® Online provided a number of navigation options to help you get around our website so that it's easy to find the information you need.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the top of home page provides links to other Wanfang Data® pages. These links also appear at the top of every page.

  • Home: Return to the home page.
  • Cross-Database Search: Displays our cross-search interface, where you can search across a number of different databases, which can save you time and effort.
  • Customer Support: Provides useful tips and information for our customers.
  • Order: Provides online ordering and query functions
  • About Us Provides an introduction to Wanfang Data Co., Ltd.

Quick Access

To provide easy access to each individual database, we also design a quick access point at the right corner of banner. You can simply click on the drop-down menu to access to respective search interface. You can also click on the Product List on the left side of the page to compliment that function

For every individual database, we provide a second-level navigation bar to switch between "Browse", "Quick Search" and "Advanced Search"

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