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Well processed and elaborately collected, products of Wanfang Data bring libraries with great value for collection and archiving. Librarians will meet characteristic periodicals, dissertations, conference proceedings, laws and regulations, etc. One prominent feature is a browse function, which makes it easier for library patrons and visitors to find what they are interested.

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Looking into a wide range of products, business entities could get comprehensive reference materials, and easily gain a overview of the Chinese market and business environment. For specific marketing situation, we also have business reports. Our products include database of Chinese companies and products, journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, laws, patents and standard, etc.

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With abundant information collections, Wanfang Data provides multiple views on China. Journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, laws, patents, standards and business materials, etc. From these, people will know more about Chinese society and people, say, culture, education, science and technology, business and polity, etc.

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Researchers and institutes from different fields can find support on their subjects here. Through access to periodicals, dissertations, conference proceedings, researchers would get into Chinese history, culture, medicine, people, and know about contemporary China, like science and technology, social sciences, economy, politics and laws, etc.

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Investors, writers, doctors, students, clerks and other individuals who are interested in Chinese information can be offered courteous services here. From journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, laws, patents and standards, individuals will satisfy their requirements for study, reference, research, and leisure, etc.

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Any one comes to our databases is sincerely welcome and would be sure to get quality services.

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