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Policies and Laws of China (PLOC) includes more than 40 sub categories, out of which 14 can be browsed below and others can only be accessed via database search.

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State Laws(国家法律) Chinese Communist Party (党)
Military Affairs(军) State Ordinance(国务院行政法规)
Regulations(部门规章) Judicial Interpretation(司法解释)
Regional Regulations (地方法规) Case Studies(人民法院公报案例)
Legal Context Templates (法律文书样式) Contract Templates (中国合同范本)
Arbitral Awards (仲裁裁决案例) Judicial Documents(裁判文书)
Laws & Regulations in Hong Kong(港澳台法律法规) International Treaties(国际条约)
Foreign Laws (外国法律)  
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