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Technical Support

How to Display Chinese under English Windows?

1.Go to control panel and click on the "Data, Time, Language, and Regional Options"

2.Choose "Add other Languages" or "Regional and Language Options"

3. Under "Language" tag, click on the "Install flies for East Asian languages", then click "Apply"

4.Switch to "Advanced" tag, and choose "Chinese (PRC)"

5. Click on the "Apply".

How to input Chinese under English Windows

1. Under "Language" tag, click on the "Details...."

2.Click on the "Add...".

3.Under the "Input Language", choose "Chinese (PRC)".

4.Choose your favourite input method and click on the "OK".

5.To input Chinese, click on your language bar and choose "Chinese (PRC)"

6.You can input Chinese characters now


Related Software Download

Adobe Reader

Asian and Central European font packs for Adobe Reader (for English version)
"If the author of an Adobe? Portable Document Format (PDF) file embeds CJK and Central European (CE) fonts in a PDF document, then any language version of Adobe Reader? Software will be able to display the CJK and CE text on any system without additional software. If the author of the PDF document uses CJK or CE fonts but does not embed them in the document, then the correct fonts will need to be installed in order to view the Adobe PDF file on non-native systems."
"Adobe Acrobat? Reader 5.x users must download Asian font packs from this page. Adobe Reader 6.0 was the first version of Reader to download the correct font packs on demand, although they are offered on this page as well for users wishing to download them in advance."
"The Central European pack contains more than 60 Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts. View the script table for details. "

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